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The Missing Billions

The real cost of supply chain waste


It’s not news that revenue worth billions is being lost
every year in discarded inventory, but that’s just the
tip of a quickly melting iceberg.

Global forces are driving supply chain disruption
leading businesses to overproduce and improperly
forecast consumer demand.






On average 8% of stock perishes or is discarded annually

Adding up to $163 billion worth of
inventory wasted each year, more than
GDP of Croatia, Costa Rica and
Iceland combined

Is your brand ready to take steps to
reduce your supply chain waste?

A global report

An in-depth report
assessing the state of
global supply chains

300+ Businesses

7500+ Consumers

US, UK, France, China,

and Japan

Food, beauty, apparel,

automotive, healthcare

and pharmaceuticals.

know they need
to act.

Discover how global
leaders reduce supply
chain waste and build
innovation in their
supply chains.

“[...] Transparency across our entire
supply chain is vital to enabling BMW
Group iron out efficiencies and also
become more sustainable.”

​Thomas Lenker
Head of Production System and Capacity
Management at BMW Group

Is your brand ready to take steps to reduce your supply chain waste?

“Areas of opportunity for RFID within
Decathlon include improving upstream
visibility among raw materials suppliers
to better map availability with demand.
In addition we see opportunities to
integrate RFID and robotics solutions.”

Jérôme Lemay
RFID Industrial Director at Decathlon France


the full report

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